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How to make a catnip mouse. (and optional squeaker and catnip).

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This photographer captures cats enjoying catnip — and the

Ever give your cat a toy with catnip and watch your cat go berserk.Chris Poole does a practical experiment with big cats to see their reaction to catnip, that favored treat of domestic felines.

Catnip is considered to be nonaddictive and completely harmless to cats.Catnip and Your Cats: Everything You Need to Know. Yes, catnip works on big cats too.

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Big Cat Rescue gets the question all the time: do big cats like catnip.Catnip Joints, Set of three or five handmade cat toys for legal feline fun.

FLORIDA - Big Cat Rescue, which is based out of Tampa, Florida, provides a wonderful sanctuary for all big cats.One of the questions that workers are.Made from remnants of our Big Sky Blankets, our Big Sky Mice offer the same.

Or maybe you have one of those cats that doesnt respond to catnip.

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Bailey Rahn. but the reason catnip intoxicates cats uniquely is because it mimics a pheromone cats are keen to pick up.Dried, it is used as a stimulant for cats as well as an excellent tea to help you sleep.

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Discover fun facts about catnip, an herb from the mint family Nepeta cataria, and why felines love it so much.The big difference is that the liquid is enhanced with an essence of the tantalizing.

the big cat nip!

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