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The 6 Strangest Moments of the Iowa Democratic Caucus. It All on The Flip of a coin. caucus rules dictate that if there is a tie for a delegate at.In my research, I discovered that in a situation in which the.

Join Facebook to connect with Jonathan Knox and others you may.Some Democratic caucus sites decided their winner with a coin.

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Iowa Caucus Democrap coin flipper. I flip the coins for Hillary, I mean the tie breaker for.

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Iowa Democratic Party Capitulates, Will Review Caucus Results.

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In at least six precincts across Iowa Monday, Democratic caucus votes ended in a tie, forcing a coin toss to decide which candidate would win a county delegate.

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At least three Democratic Iowa caucuses were determined by a coin flip. A tie is solved tossing a coin. leading to the caucus coin flip.Hillary beat Bernie in Iowa because she lucked out and won six coin.

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It was right around the time that news broke that certain Iowa precincts were.

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The 6 Strangest Moments of the Iowa Democratic Caucus

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Democracy In Action: Hillary Wins Caucus. due to coin flips that landed favorably.Monday, I wrote a piece explaining how the Democratic Iowa Caucus process differs from that of the GOP.

A coin toss — that’s what it came down to in parts of Iowa where Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were in a literal tie. caucus at the University of Iowa...

In the Iowa caucus when two candidates tie in a precinct, the delegates are split in half and the odd delegate is decided by the flip of a coin.Watch Crucial Vote in Extremely Close Iowa Caucus Race Come Down to a Coin Toss.Bernie Sanders is hopeful and calls the outcome a virtual tie.In another strange example of how the Iowa caucus works, one of the precincts of Des Moines found it too close to call and decided their outcome with a coin.

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In an unknown number of Iowa Democratic caucus precincts Monday, a county delegate was awarded after the flip of a coin.Sometimes, Iowa Democrats award caucus delegates with a coin flip.